Two Seater Electric Bikes

Planning an adventure for two? Dirwin’s two person electric bikes make riding double the fun and twice as fast. Wander wherever you want and let your two seater electric bike’s high-performance motor give you a push. No matter where the mood takes you, you’re in control with a 2 seat ebike.

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s Two Seater Electric Bikes

Feel the wind in your hair, cruise effortlessly, and explore the world — but do it with a friend! Dirwin’s 2 seater electric bikes give you total control over the way you ride. With powerful motors and batteries that let you go the distance, our 2 person e bike collection opens up a whole new adventure. 

Running errands and hauling heavy loads? Check out our cargo electric bikes if you need extra space on your 2 seat ebike! 

Perfect for long weekend rides, quick urban errands, and touring, Dirwin’s two person electric bike options represent ebiking at its best:

  • Speed through rough terrain and steep hills on your Dirwin two seater electric bike with powerful motors ready for anything. 
  • Enjoy limitless travel with a long-range 2 seater electric bike that doesn’t run out of juice when the party is just getting started.
  • Stay in control with a 2 person e bike with Shimao 7-speed gears, hydraulic brakes, and advanced suspension. You decide what level of pedal assist you need! 
  • Look forward to miles of riding pleasure — our ergonomically-designed 2 seat ebikes are built for comfort, even when carrying two!

Ready to hit the road? Dirwin’s two person electric bikes come with hassle-free 24-month warranties. They’re pretty easy to assemble, and you can explore a whole range of 2 seater ebike accessories to upgrade your riding experience. 

Your ride, your choice. Shop Dirwin’s reliable two seater electric bike collection now and pick the best model for your adventure!