Long Range Electric Bikes

Ready to take the long way round? Explore Dirwin’s long range ebike collection to help you go the extra mile without running out of battery power. Get your adventure started with the best long range electric bike — because the road is wide open, and it’s yours to conquer.

2 products

2 products

Explore Dirwin’s Long Range Electric Bike Collection

Your adventure doesn’t stop at the 20 mile marker, and neither should your ebike. Hop on your long range electric bicycle to get fit, explore the world, and enjoy the fresh air with a perpetual motor-powered tailwind. 

Watch the road, not your battery — and ride into the sunset (and back!) with Dirwin’s long range electric bikes if:

  • You want the freedom to ride to work and back on a single charge with our commuter ebikes , and you don’t fancy charging your long range ebike every day. 
  • You’re itching to discover where that trail really ends. The best long range electric bike has you covered, even if your adventure is endless. 
  • It really is about the journey, not the destination. Our long range electric bicycle won’t rest until you do. 

Where will you ride next? 

Dirwin: When Only The Best Long Range Electric Bike Will Do

Your batteries might need recharging (ebiking is great for that!), but your long range ebike’s won’t. Dirwin’s long range electric bicycles with durable, efficient, and green 1123 WH li-ion batteries take you 40-70+ miles on a single charge. Need even more juice? Cross-country explorers who measure in smiles, not miles, can take full advantage of our dual battery ebikes

The best long range electric bike doesn’t just go the extra mile. It’s also built for comfort and thrills. Your Dirwin long range ebike delivers on all fronts. 

Powerful Motors

Adventure? Boosted! Dirwin’s off-road electric bikes make even the roughest terrain types and steepest hills a joy to conquer. High-torque motors aren’t optional when you plan to ride your long range electric bicycle through sand, gravel, mud, and snow. 

Flexible Pedal Assist 

Set the pace with a Dirwin long range ebike. Up for a challenge? Do the hard work yourself. Need extra help? Your Dirwin long range electric bike puts you in charge every time. 

Lasting Comfort

Our long range ebikes’ advanced hydraulic suspension systems, cushioned seats, and ergonomic designs mean you won’t feel a thing, no matter how long the ride. Glide through winding city streets with our comfy cruiser ebikes , or let those hills know what you’re made of with Dirwin’s all-terrain long range electric bicycles. 

Long Range Ebikes for All Riding Styles

Excited about off-road biking? Dirwin’s fat tire ebikes are the right fit for you. Looking for a light long range electric bike to beat traffic and zoom to work in style? A long range ebike designed with commuters in mind is your speed. Go the distance with Dirwin’s long range electric bicycle, no matter your riding style. 

Ready to Shop for Your Long Range Electric Bike?

Don’t let the need to recharge your ebike cramp your style. Start your adventure with a Dirwin long range ebike — and keep riding. Find the best long range electric bike now and give yourself the gift of freedom. Your Dirwin long range ebike is up for the challenge, and you’ve got a whole wide world to explore!