The Cyclist Bike Shop
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Contact: Scott

"Very Affordable, dependable, they sell themselves. Great price point."

Tampa Bay eBikes
Location: Tampa, FL
Contact: Zach

"Our journey with Dirwin Bike has been electrifying! These e-bikes offer a thrilling blend of performance and comfort. From smooth city rides to adventurous trails, the versatility is unmatched. Plus the battery life keeps our customers smiling for miles!"

Sportsmen's Direct Inc
Location: Harrison Twp, MI
Contact: John

"I am impressed with the power and the range.

We did a battery/distance test today and were quite pleased with the results.

Very pleased with performance and over-all quality. My son is a “bike geek” and works in an electrical tech field. He was pleased with components used too."

Mr. B's Bicycles
Location: Yuma, AZ
Contact: Donnie

"Dirwin is the Mercedes Benz and those other guys are the Kia for the same price."

E-Bike Duluth
Location: Duluth, MN
Contact: Brad

"My employees have the choice to ride any e-bike brand in the shop and they all chose to ride Dirwins. I think that says a lot about the quality of e-bikes that you have."