Class 2 Ebikes

Class 2 e bikes are a fun, green, and convenient way to ride — even if you’re tired and you don’t feel like pedaling. Enjoy the added convenience of throttle when you’re in a hurry with a class 2 ebike, and get a fantastic workout when you’re up for the challenge.

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s Class 2 Ebike Collection

Powered by electricity and charged with a convenient USB-C port, class 2 e bikes are a greener, more enjoyable, and more flexible way to get around town or venture off-road. An ebike with throttle boosts your speed while you pedal — but it’ll still get you where you’re going when you don’t want to.

Still choosing the best ebike for your riding style? A Dirwin class e bike is your best bet if:

  • You crave flexibility. Class 2 ebikes make your ride super-easy when you need them to — sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings. When you’re in the mood for a workout, you can get the pedal assist level you need. 
  • You’re an urban rider. Frequent stops and starts aren’t a problem for a class 2 electric bike, and you’ll be on your way again before you know it. 
  • You love the outdoors — and you want to enjoy it. Dirwin’s class 2 hybrid electric bikes let you relax and take in the world. 
  • You’re an older rider, or you have mobility issues. Make your electric bike class 2 if you’re not always able to pedal and you need the extra support. 

Class 1 and class 3 electric bikes are fantastic for riders who only need pedal assist, but Dirwin’s class 2 ebikes are built with riders who need more flexibility and convenience in mind. 

How Do You Choose the Best Class 2 E Bike?

Shopping around for an electric bike class 2? Dirwin’s safe, sturdy, and reliable designs are a fantastic introduction to a whole new way of biking. Look for these features as you choose the best class 2 e bike. 

Riding Style

So, you know you need an electric bike with a throttle — but not all class 2 ebikes were created equally. Narrow your search down by pinpointing your primary purpose. Our commuter ebikes are great for urban rides, but off-road adventurers who want to be ready for all terrain types will welcome the traction they get from our fat tire ebikes

A Powerful Motor 

Your class 2 electric bike works even if you don’t help it along — but that means you’ll need an extra-powerful motor to boost your ride. Dirwin’s 75-watt motors are up for the job.

A Long Battery Life

Let’s be honest here. Your class 2 ebike’s battery will drain much more quickly if you’re relying on the throttle. You’ll need the best class 2 e bike with the most efficient battery to get you through! Dirwin’s class 2 ebikes are designed to go the distance, but your mileage will vary (literally!), so check the range before you make your purchase!


No matter where you’re going, you want your class 2 e bike to be comfortable for the long haul. That’s why all Dirwin’s class 2 ebikes have comfortable and ergonomic saddles, handlebars, and grips. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Class 2 Ebike? 

Ride — but do it your way. Every Dirwin class 2 electric bike comes with a hassle-free 24-warranty. If you want to tinker or need spare parts, Dirwin’s class 2 e bike accessories have you covered. Shop now and get ready for exciting outdoor adventures with the best class 2 e bike.