Become a Dealer

Let's Work Together!

Every dealer is a member of the Dirwin family! Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our dealers and we do that by making sure our dealers are always happy.

We have dedicated sales reps across the US so that you'll always have a person on the line to speak with when you want to place an order or have an issue that needs fixing.

To become a Dirwin dealer, simply order a minimum of two (2) Dirwin e-bikes.

Dirwin dealer benefits include:

  • Featured as a brick and mortar dealer on our online dealer map.
  • Earn on customer e-bike assemblies from orders.
  • Higher margins for our dealers than other e-bike brands. 
  • In case of any manufacturer defect or quality issue within the warranty period, the spare parts needed would be delivered to you immediately from Dirwin's warehouses across the country free of charge.

    Please complete the form below to submit your dealer application. Our Dealers Sales team will contact you by phone or email immediately.