Become a Dealer

Let's Work Together!

 Every dealer is the member of the our Dirwin big family indeed. We're doing everything we can with all the forces we have for our dealers. The long-term collaboration is our everlasting aim.

Very flexible inventory buy-in policy is just our first present for our dealers. The full support everyday in the future will ensure that you work with us with no worry at all.

  • No MOQ requirement at all. Even only 1 bike buy-in, you would be our brick and mortar dealer on our dealers' map.
  • We reserve much higher margins for our dealers than other brands. For Dirwin, dealers' profit is much more important than ours.
  • Upon any product problem due to the quality within the warranty period, the spare parts needed would be delivered to you immediately from Dirwin's warehouses across the country free of charge.

    Please complete the form as below to submit the application. Our Dealers Family team will contact you by phone call or email immediately.