Dual Battery Electric Bikes

Crave twice the freedom? You’ll need double the juice. Explore the world in comfort with Dirwin’s dual battery ebike collection. The road is wide open and you’re in it for the long haul. Get out there with a dual battery electric bike built for endless adventures on your terms.

2 products

2 products

Explore Dirwin’s Dual Battery Ebike Collection

Go faster, ride further, and explore the world your way with Dirwin’s agile dual battery ebikes. When you’re having too much fun to end your ride anytime soon, our long range electric bikes go the distance. 

Biking just got a serious upgrade. Dirwin’s high-performance dual battery electric bikes were built and ruthlessly road-tested for your next adventure. Our dual battery ebikes are powered by:

  • High-torque motors that get you up to speed and turn steep hills into smooth rides. 
  • Flexible pedal assist levels to put you in the driver’s seat. 
  • Advanced hydraulic braking systems for a safer ride. 
  • Hydraulic suspension systems that make every terrain type smooth sailing. 

Ready to take full advantage of the long range a Dirwin dual battery electric bike gives you? One size doesn’t fit all, so pick the dual battery ebike that best fits your riding style! 

Upgrade Your Commute with a Dirwin Dual Battery Ebike

Get ready to ditch your car and breeze through traffic with one of Dirwin’s dual battery commuter ebikes . Ride to work and back, and do it all again the next day — all without worrying about charging your dual battery electric bike. 

Dirwin’s cruiser ebikes give you the flexibility you need, no matter the distance. When you’re in the mood, your Dirwin dual battery ebike takes your fitness to the next level by giving you a little push in the back. In a hurry? Let your dual battery electric bike’s motor do all the hard work. 

Cruise through twisting city roads, explore parks, and take charge of the way you get around town with Dirwin’s safe, reliable, and ultra-comfortable dual battery ebikes. Going green and slashing your carbon footprint is more fun than ever! 

Wander Off the Beaten Path with a Dirwin Fat Tire Dual Battery Electric Bike

Dreaming of long rides on the beach, riding through gravel, mud, or snow like a pro with your dual battery ebike, or taking your mountain biking adventures to a whole new level? Dirwin’s fat tire ebikes were practically made for you. 

Get the traction you need with our everything-proof off-road electric bikes while reaping the benefits of a dual battery ebike built for adventure. The world is vast and the road is long, but with Dirwin’s dual battery electric bikes, the journey never has to end. Where will your dual battery ebike take you next?

Ready to Shop for Your New Dirwin Dual Battery Ebike?

Dirwin’s dual battery ebikes transform the meaning of “freedom.” Browse our dual battery electric bike models now to pinpoint the best model for your riding style. Every Dirwin dual battery ebike comes with a hassle-free warranty and is easy to assemble. 

Compare models and explore specs before you zoom in on the dual battery ebike that’ll take you on countless adventures. No matter which dual battery electric bike you decide to call your own, you can count on one thing — it’s going to be one hell of a ride!