Electric Bikes

Questions related to our Pioneer, Pacer, and Seeker model ebikes.

All of our e-bikes ship with the following items:

- Your brand new Dirwin e-bike

- Battery and charger

- Multi-purpose tool to assist with assembly

- FREE Dirwin baseball cap

All of our e-bikes can support a range from 30 to 55+ miles on a single charge depending on the terrain and level of pedal assist used

Pioneer and Seeker models support throttle speeds up to 20mph and pedal assist speeds up to 23mph

Pacer model supports throttle speeds up to 20mph and pedal assist speeds up to 25mph

The Seeker was the original Dirwin e-bike model. We’ve since made improvements to the controller and motor calibration for the Pioneer which provides it with a better torque and smoother ride experience. Additionally, the frame on the Pioneer is sleeker with a fully integrated battery.

Some customers still prefer the Seeker Step Thru versus the Pioneer because of the lower cut frame - making it a good alternative for shorter customers.

The Pioneer is a 4 inch tire off road e-bike with a 750 Watt motor that is ideal for any terrain. The Pacer is a 2 inch tire commuter e-bike with a 500 Watt motor designed for urban and suburban riders.

Pioneer and Seeker models ship as class 2 and Pacer models ship as class 3.

NOTE: All Dirwin e-bikes can be adjusted to be class 1 using the standard bike settings

Yes, you can purchase an extra battery here

No, you can not charge the battery by pedaling. To charge a Dirwin e-bike, you will need to use the battery charger that was provided with your e-bike purchase.

Dirwin e-bikes ship as class 2 or 3, so you do not need a license to operate one.

Yes, you can ride your Dirwin e-bike as a normal bicycle

Yes, all Dirwin e-bikes come with a 24-month warranty, after extending the warranty for another 12 months by filling out our customer registration form after purchase.

Ordering and Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions - You can find the full Shipping Policy here.

No, we are currently only shipping within the 48 continental US states

We currently only ship to the US, but have plans to expand to Canada in the future.

Yes! All orders include FREE shipping within the US.

It will only take 3-7 business days. For more information, please take a look at our shipping policy.

Dirwin e-bikes require minor assembly (handlebars, front wheel, pedals, etc.) out of the box. Be sure to check out our helpful assembly videos before getting started!