Electric Bike With Throttle

Breeze through traffic like a pro and enjoy every minute with a Dirwin electric bike with throttle, or set off on a serious off-road adventure with a fat tire throttle ebike. A throttle electric bike gives you full control, whether you want to work out or relax and ride.

7 products

7 products

Explore Dirwin’s Throttle Ebike Collection

Twist, go, and explore! Biking is more fun than ever with an electric bike with throttle. At Dirwin, we believe everyone deserves a safe, reliable, high-performance ebike — and we’re on a mission to to make sure there’s a perfect ebike for every riding style. 

Our throttle ebikes give you the option of accelerating even when you don’t feel like pedaling. When you’re in the mood for a hefty workout, your Dirwin throttle electric bike gives you total control over your pedal assist level.

A Dirwin ebike with throttle might be the perfect choice for you if you want to be able to cruise without pedaling and you:

  • Plan to commute to work on your electric bike with throttle. A Dirwin throttle electric bike will help you beat traffic and keep up with all the stops and starts you’ll encounter. 
  • Live in a hilly or mountainous region. Where a conventional bike (or even an ebike with pedal assist) struggles, a throttle ebike gets you to your destination in no time. 
  • Want to explore the world — while relaxing. Pedal assist bikes give you a push in the back while you ride, but with a throttle, you can simply take in the world. 

Looking for the Best Electric Bike with Throttle?

Start here — because whether you’re new to ebiking or you’re a seasoned rider, picking the best throttle electric bike for your style can be tricky. With so many throttle electric bikes to choose from, it’s time to narrow your search down a little. 

Ebike Classifications

Love the idea of instant power with a throttle? An electric bike with throttle is a great choice for cyclists who need help getting through rough terrain or hills, commuters who want to arrive at work feeling rested, and long-distance adventures. 

  • Class 1 ebikes are pedal-assist only. 
  • Class 2 ebikes are throttle electric bikes that can reach speeds of 20 mph and don’t require you to pedal if you don’t want to. 
  • Class 3 ebikes are designed for riders who crave speed, because these fast ebikes can go up to 28 mph. 

If you’re looking for an ebike with throttle, our class 2 ebikes are the right fit for you!

What’s the Best Electric Bike with Throttle for Your Riding Style

Where do you plan to ride? How, and how fast? While you’re shopping for your ideal throttle electric bike, keep your primary purpose in mind:

  • You’ll find the right throttle electric bike for you in our hybrid electric bikes collection if you need an all-purpose ebike that puts you in control. 
  • Look at our commuter ebikes if you plan to ride your electric bike with throttle to work daily and you need an agile ride to stay ahead of city traffic. 
One of our fat tire ebikes is bound to be the best fit for you if you love off-roading, mountain biking, and all-terrain exploration. Explore the world with your new throttle ebike!