Class 1 Ebikes

Get fit, go fast, and explore the world with Dirwin’s reliable and comfortable class 1 ebikes! Cycling just got a massive upgrade. Whether you’re looking for a practical class 1 e bike for city exploration, commuting, or zooming through the countryside in style, hop on! Your ride starts here.

6 products

6 products

Explore Dirwin’s Class 1 Ebike Collection

Are you new to electric biking? If you don’t quite know where you’re going yet, but you know it’s going to be a long ride, Dirwin’s high-performance class 1 e bikes are the perfect place to start your adventure. 

If you’re torn between pedaling the old-fashioned way and enjoying the ease and speed of an electric bike, a class 1 e bike is the right choice for you. That’s because class 1 ebikes, also called pedal assist electric bikes , work with you every step (get it?) of the way, boosting your pedal power with a powerful electric motor. 

Getting uphill, riding through rough terrain, and picking up speed is easier than ever with a class 1 electric bicycle. 

What’s the Difference Between Class 1, 2, and 3 Electric Bikes?

  • Class 1 ebikes have motors that give you a speed boost as you pedal. Because class 1 electric bicycles have a max assisted speed of 20 mph, they’re allowed everywhere conventional bikes are welcome. 
  • Class 2 ebikes are throttle ebikes that work even when you don’t pedal. They have the same maximum speed, and you can enjoy riding this type of ebike on bike lanes, too. 
  • Class 3 ebikes can reach higher speeds of 28 mph, and although they only boost your speed as you pedal (like class 1 electric bikes), they’re not allowed everywhere, and you may need a license to ride these electric bicycles. 

A class 1 electric bike makes riding easier and more fun while still helping you get those weekly minutes of exercise in. The best thing? You can ride your class 1 e bike wherever you want to. 

What Sets the Best Class 1 Electric Bikes Apart?

Electric bicycles are game-changers. Whether your mission involves getting fit, going green, exploring the world, or commuting to work every day, class 1 electric bikes lead the way. With so many class 1 ebikes to pick from, you want the best class 1 electric bikes. What should you look out for?

Powerful Motors

Dirwin’s 750-watt motors make swift work of hills, rough terrain, and unfavorable wind conditions to get you to your destination in time. Carrying a heavy load? A class 1 e bike with a powerful motor won’t mind. 

Long-Range Class 1 Ebikes

Don’t let your battery limit how far you can ride — and choose a class 1 electric bike with a long battery life and quick, convenient charging capabilities!

Advanced Gearing

With industry-leading Shimano 7-speed gears, Dirwin’s class 1 electric bikes are engineered to give you full control over your riding experience. 

Hydraulic Brakes

Powerful brakes are key to a safe riding experience with a class 1 ebike. Dirwin’s hybrid electric bikes are equipped with high-end hydraulic braking systems you can always rely on. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Class 1 Electric Bicycle?

Dirwin’s class 1 ebikes don’t just cover the core specs like nobody else — our class 1 electric bike models are also designed for comfort. Enjoy ergonomic seating and comfy handlebars and grips at a great price. Explore the best class 1 electric bikes now and start your adventure!