750 Watt Electric Bike

You’re ready to ride into the sunset — but you want the best. Dirwin’s powerful 750 watt electric bikes are up for any adventure. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast, you need to carry heavier loads, or you’re a serious commuter, we’ve got the perfect 750 watt electric bike for your riding style.

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s 750 Watt Electric Bike Collection

Electric bikes are changing how people commute, explore, get fit, and enjoy the open road — but to maximize your riding pleasure and get the most out of your bike, you need the right fit. That search starts with picking the motor power you need. 

Most modern cruiser ebikes are equipped with 250 to 500 watt motors. That’s fine for most people, but you’re not most people. If you need a more powerful ebike e bike 750W motors are a better bet. With a reliable 750 watt electric bike, you can look forward to:

  • Riding at higher speeds. A 750W ebike is a great choice for long-distance riders, including commuters. Use maximum pedal assist to reach your destination in no time. 
  • Breezing through challenging terrain types. Other ebikes might struggle, but your ebike 750 watt motor will help you cut through steep hills, sand, gravel, snow, and mud like a champ. 
  • Carrying heavier loads. Whether you’re a bike courier, a camping enthusiast, a hunter, or you just want to carry your groceries home, your powerful Dirwin 750 watt electric bike is there to help you out. 

Our 750 watt electric bike models are built for riders who want more. More power. More speed. More adventure. 

Find the Best 750W Electric Bike for Your Riding Style

So — you know you want a more powerful motor than yours, and you’ve set your sights on an e bike 750W. Your search is just getting started. What kind of range do you need? What kind of traction should your ebike’s tires provide? What’s the best frame type for your brand-new 750 watt electric bike? Every rider is unique, but we’ve got you covered. Dirwin builds high-performance 750w ebikes for every riding style. 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

You plan to take full advantage of your 750 watt electric bike’s power when you’re in a hurry or you’re not in the mood to struggle up a steep hill, but you also crave the ability to use your ebike as a conventional bicycle? Take a look at Dirwin’s hybrid electric bikes

Commuter Ebikes

Make your daily trek to work fun with Dirwin’s commuter ebikes . When light city travel just ain’t your thing and you need to go the distance, our ebike 750 watt models are the perfect fit. 

Electric Road Bikes

Dirwin’s electric road bikes are designed for all-purpose exploring and adventuring. Pick an e bike 750W motor for your road bike if you don’t know where you’re going quite yet, but you do know you want your 750 watt electric bike to be ready for anything. 

Foldable Ebikes

Short on space? Our folding ebikes won’t get in your way — but they will give you the power and pedal assist you need to conquer the world (or just ride to work). 

Step-Through Ebikes

Do you crave extra convenience? Hopping on our step-through electric bikes is super easy. Dirwin’s 750W ebike step-through models mean you never have to choose between effortless mounting and superior motor power.