Fast Electric Bikes

Live your life in the fast lane with a sturdy, reliable, and ultra-comfortable fast electric bike. Cruise along effortlessly while your fast electric bicycle takes care of the hard work. This journey is just getting started, and Dirwin’s fast ebikes are built to go the distance — faster.

2 products

2 products

Explore Dirwin’s Fast Electric Bike Collection

When adventure calls but you have to be fast, Dirwin’s class 3 ebikes let you ride like the wind. Feeling cheeky? Smile and wave at all the drivers you overtake on your daily commute and arrive at work feeling refreshed. Getting ready for a cross-country camping trip? Your fast electric bicycle will get you there in no time — and with a little help from Dirwin’s powerful motors, you’ll always feel like you’ve got the wind in your back. Wherever the mood takes you, make your electric bike fast!

Dirwin’s fast electric bikes are an essential ingredient for your next adventure if:

  • You’re a long-distance commuter craving more fresh air and a greener lifestyle — but you still want to get to work on time with a fast electric bike. 
  • Your idea of getting fit involves zooming past all other riders with fast ebikes! 
  • You want the freedom to explore hills, trails, and beaches with a fast electric bicycle designed for off-roading. Our heavy-duty ebikes make riding more enjoyable than ever. 
  • You’re a bike courier on a mission to combine fast and smooth. 

Who rides Dirwin? Riders who want to make their electric bike fast — without sacrificing range or comfort. 

What Makes Dirwin’s Fast Electric Bikes Stand Out From the Crowd?

Dirwin’s class 3 fast electric bikes don’t just set you up to beat traffic with speeds up to 28 mph. Our fast ebikes are also built for comfort and efficiency — no matter your riding style.

Flexible Pedal Assist 

Let our fast electric bikes lend you a helping hand when you need it most, but take over and do the hard work when you’re feeling refreshed. With flexible pedal assist levels, Dirwin’s fast ebikes put you in charge.

Powerful Motors

Our 500-watt fast electric bikes, with brushless designs, make your ride smooth and efficient. Need more power? Dirwin’s 750-watt electric bikes will get you up to speed in no time. Adventure isn’t optional with a Dirwin fast electric bicycle!

Exceptional Range

Choose Dirwin when you don’t just want to make your electric bike fast, but you also want to go free range. Our fast ebikes with 624 or 720 watt batteries let you saddle up without worrying about charging. Are you a long-distance adventurer looking for fat tire ebikes ? A Dirwin fast electric bike with 1123 watt battery power ensures your ride is over when you’re done — not when your battery runs out of juice. 

Uncompromising Comfort

Whether you plan to bike to work on one of Dirwin’s commuter ebikes or you were practically made for off-roading and you need a fat tire ebike, fast electric bikes are about more than speed. Your fast electric bicycle should let you enjoy and explore the great outdoors in comfort. That’s why all our fast electric bike models give you the advantage of ergonomic seating, comfortable handlebars, and grips that fit you like a glove. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Fast Electric Bike?

Ride wild. Ride Free. Ride fast. Explore Dirwin’s fast electric bike collection now and get your next adventure on the road!