Class 3 Ebikes

In a hurry? Dirwin’s class 3 electric bikes are designed to go the distance at speeds of up to 28 mph. Enjoy greater motor power, flexible pedal assist levels, and long-range batteries with a class 3 electric bike. Our class 3 ebike collection is built for the speed devils of the ebiking scene.

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s Class 3 Ebike Collection

So, you want more? More speed, more power, better batteries, and more comfort? Dirwin’s fast ebikes are built for long-haulers, speed devils, and explorers, so get ready to give the way you ride a serious overhaul. 

Think of your class 3 electric bike as the Ferrari of ebikes and pick up serious speeds. An ultra-fast  class 3 e-bike that has no trouble reaching speeds of up to 28 mph may be your best bet if:

  • You’re a serious commuter and you can’t wait to bike to work or school every day. Beat traffic with an agile electric bike class 3 and let your bike work with you every step of the way.
  • You crave no-limits adventures. A class 3 electric bike slides through mud, snow, sand, gravel, and uphill like a pro. Our fat tire ebikes give you the traction you need in the most challenging conditions, so get ready to explore!
  • You’re a bike courier or want to haul cargo with your class 3 ebike. With more powerful motors, class 3 ebikes are up for anything.

Make your electric bike class 3 if you want speed, comfort, agility, and flexibility. Go the distance with a class 3 ebike and take full control over your adventures. 

Powerful Motors 

Get an edge with a powerful motor that lets you take the lead, no matter how rough or hilly the terrain. Our 750-watt electric bikes are the best bet for the most demanding riders, while a class 3 electric bike with a 500-watt brushless motor is incredibly efficient and compact. 

Flexible Pedal Assist Levels

Like Dirwin’s class 2 ebikes , our class 3 ebikes only ever give you the pedal assist you need or want. Feel like working out? Set your class 3 ebike to a lower assist level. Need speed? Go for the highest pedal assist option and enjoy a fast, effortless ride with your electric bike class 3.

Long-Range Class 3 E-bikes

With efficient, large batteries, you can skip the daily nuisance of charging your class 3 ebike. 

  • Need an agile class 3 ebike? Dirwin’s Pacer Lite model features a 624 WH battery with a range of 25-45+ miles.
  • Our original Pacer class 3 electric bike has a 720 WH battery that takes you 35-55+ miles on one charge.
  • The Pacer Plus class 3 e-bike is equipped with an impressive 1123 li-ion battery that will get you 40-70+ miles before it needs charging.

Designed for You

Enjoy long, comfortable rides with a class 3 ebike designed to be a perfect fit. With ergonomic seating and grips, advanced gearing systems, and reliable hydraulic brakes, Dirwin’s class 3 ebikes are a pleasure to ride. Whether you’re looking for commuter ebikes or fat tire ebikes for off-roading, you’ll never want your adventure to end with a Dirwin class 3 electric bike. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Class 3 Ebike?

Change the way you ride with a fast class 3 ebike you can rely on — mile after mile. Every Dirwin class 3 electric bike comes with a hassle-free 24-month warranty. Because your new class 3 e-bike is easy to assemble, you’ll be on your way in no time!