Electric Hunting Bikes

Cover more ground — but do it in stealth. Dirwin’s electric hunting bikes have exceptionally quiet motors, giving you the pedal assist you need to reach remote areas without disturbing wildlife. Our long-range hunting bicycles let you cover many miles on a single charge, all while off-roading with heavy gear.

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s Electric Hunting Bike Collection

Electric bicycles are transforming the way hunters scout and retrieve kills — but not all ebikes are designed to meet your unique needs. Finding the perfect ebike for hunting is challenging, because your electric hunting bike has to be:

  • Heavy duty and able to carry loads — but also agile and intuitive. 
  • Extra quiet, so you don’t spook the wildlife you’re hunting.
  • Sturdy and equipped with a cargo rack to carry your gear and the wildlife you down. 
  • Long range, so you can explore remote hunting grounds without worrying you’ll run out of battery power. 
  • Designed for off-roading adventures, because although you never know where your next hunt will take you, you can bet your hunting grounds won’t be neatly paved. 

Few ebikes meet your needs as a hunter, but Dirwin’s Pioneer off-road electric bikes rise to the challenge. 

What Makes Dirwin’s Fat Tire Ebikes the Perfect Hunting Bicycles?

Dirwin’s Pioneer ebikes live up to their name. They give you the freedom to explore the great outdoors with 7 speed gears, hydraulic suspension forks to absorb shocks, and extra wide, puncture-resistant tires. Here’s why our collection of fat tire ebikes deserves your trust if you’re looking for the perfect ebike for hunting or fishing. 

Powerful Motors

Dirwin’s powerful 750 W motors give your electric bike for hunting the edge you need, whether you’re covering larger distances, riding uphill, or dealing with rugged terrain. Electric hunting bikes with powerful motors can carry heavier loads with ease. They’re also exceptionally quiet — our hunting bicycles make less noise than most people walking through the woods! 

A Long Battery Life

Our heavy duty ebikes have generous battery capacities ranging from 720 to 1123 watt hours, allowing hinters to cover long distances within a single charge. Dirwin’s electric hunting bikes have extended ranges:

  • 30-55+ miles for the Pioneer Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • 35-55+ miles for the Pioneer Step Through Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • 40-70+ miles for the Pioneer Plus Fat Tire Electric Bike 

Wide, Puncture-Proof Tires

Every electric bike for hunting should be equipped with fat and puncture-resistant tires. With our gravel ebikes , you can rest assured that you won’t pop a tire during your hunting trips. 


Dirwin’s off-road ebikes come in muted colors suitable for hunters who want to stay camouflaged. Riders looking for a camo ebike for hunting will love our Pioneer Plus Fat Tire Electric Bike.


The Pioneer Step Through Fat Tire Electric Bike is a perfect hunting ebike for everyone who craves the convenience of mounting quickly without having to swing their legs up. A step-through hunting bicycle allows you to get on and off quietly and easily.

Off-Road Capabilities 

Our electric mountain bikes can handle any challenge you give them, no matter how far off the beaten path you decide to wander. Gravel, mud, snow, heavy vegetation, hills, and mountainous terrain are no problem for our sturdy and reliable electric hunting bikes. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Electric Bike for Hunting?

Take your time to compare the specs while you explore our collection to find the best ebike for hunting — but know that every electric hunting bike in our collection comes with an automatic and hassle-free 12-month warranty that every buyer can instantly extend to 24 months by registering the purchase.