How Did You Spend Your Thanksgiving Weekend?

Thanksgiving 2022 has just passed, and it sure was a blast!

  • If you're like us, we prefer hanging out amid mother nature to joining the crowds for some party. What’s that? You were not able to go out because of some commitments? Well, don’t fret, there’s still Thanksgiving weekend 2023 and beyond to look forward to. Aside from that, we’re here to give you several ideas/places where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones and friends.  
  • Thanksgiving started with the first Pilgrims celebrating their successful corn crop harvest 400 years ago. Since they also invited Native Americans (they usually brought deer meat to the party), and together, they usually feasted for three days.
  • Come to think of it. Modern Thanksgiving could certainly benefit from some of these customs. Most of us can use this holiday to get away from modern life and rediscover how it is to be in touch with nature and live a simple life.
  • The best way to accomplish this, in our opinion at Dirwin E-bikes, is to camp out in gorgeous natural settings with good company and good food. Take a look at some of our ideas for a camping and glamping Thanksgiving party!


First on our list is Joshua Tree National Park in Mojave Desert, California. The Mojave Desert is North America's largest and driest desert, spanning through California and southern Nevada. Thanksgiving vacationers can take advantage of Joshua Tree National Park, which features impressive rock formations and desert landscapes and is known for the park's widespread Joshua trees. For anyone staying in one of these amazing Joshua Tree cabins, it includes the Barker Dam, which contains a stunning stretch of crystal-clear water and offers a variety of fantastic hiking routes in California.


Next is the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. As the only National Forest wholly located in Kentucky, Daniel Boone provides tourists with a wide choice of activities, including boating, hiking, fishing, and hunting, making camping there delightful. Visitors can ride the Skylift aerial tram up to the Natural Bridge, a famous rock feature in the park. The Red River Gorge region offers some of the best camping opportunities in the Daniel Boone National Forest, as well as some of the best walks via caverns, arches, and waterfalls. Lexington City, dubbed as the "Horse Capital of the World," is also easily accessible and offers several fun activities you can enjoy.


Lastly, the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The White Mountains National Park—unquestionably the most gorgeous place in New Hampshire—and perhaps all of New England—presents itself as another competitor for the best Thanksgiving vacations in the country. Using the auto road or the cog railway, visitors can travel straight up Mount Washington, the park's highest point.


One of the best state parks in the country, Franconia Notch State Park offers easy hiking access and stunning fall foliage. In Jefferson, close to some of the best cabin rentals in the region, there is also a kids' theme park called Santa's Village.


Aside from camping in these wonderful destinations, you can also enjoy some quality time exploring these places either on foot, trekking, or on your handy e-bikes. E-bikes are a great way to have some exercise without the stress that follows, as these are pedal-assisted. So, moving around to several destinations is quite manageable and fun!


We hope this list will give some inspiration on where to go for your next Thanksgiving! If you’re curious about e-bikes and want to learn more about them, you can check out what Dirwin E-bikes has to offer here.

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