Backup of Old About Us

Darwin Smith has liked researching since he was a child. He loves to dismantle and study all kinds of toy models. When he graduated from college, he choses to work in his uncle's bicycle shop. He became an excellent professional technician soon because he was smart and fond of studying. He often solved various problems for customers. He can help customers to custom-made suitable bikes according to their needs and usage scenarios. When customers' bikes need maintenance or repair, he will carefully check the bikes, and adjust the bikes to the best condition. He will also share some maintenance methods and skills with his customers and friends, so he has made a lot of friends.

Due to the people's attention to health and growing on the earth's environmental protection consciousness, bicycle has been loved and admired by the people more and more, most people choose bicycle instead of their daily travel people often take food at the weekend with a few friends to take a bicycle to travel outside, have a relax to be close to nature.

In 2016, Darwin Smith exposure to electric bicycle, he found that the electric bicycle battery life beyond mountains, experience of riding easier, in the suburbs, and are more likely to support cycling, better for people to travel, long-term contact with electric bicycles to electric bicycle to generate interest and deep feelings, so he decided to make electric bike, he told his family and friends his idea, his family and friends are very support him and raised money for him. So he started Dirwinbike. As a result of his continuous research and evolution, dedicating to providing the best service for customers, he soon won the recognition of more consumers.