Electric Road Bikes

Ready to swap tedious car rides for thrilling outdoor adventures? Every Dirwin electric roadbike was designed from the ground up with riders like you in mind. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of riding wherever you want. Hit the road in style with Dirwin’s sturdy and reliable electric road bikes.

6 products

6 products

Explore Dirwin’s Electric Road Bike Collection

Do you dream of a greener, more active, and more natural lifestyle — but do you have no intention of sacrificing speed? Dirwin’s electric road bikes are a viable alternative to driving or taking public transportation to work, but they’re not just great for your daily commute. 

Our powerful commuter ebikes are also fantastic if you plan to: 

  • Get fit and enjoy rigorous workouts. Our electric road bicycles put you in charge, so let your ebike’s motor help you out as you get into shape. 
  • Take long, scenic rides through country roads and cobble streets. Exploring the world while soaking up the sun has never been easier! 
  • Run quick errands or take exciting tours. 

With road e bikes, you don’t have to pick between a reliable mode of transportation, a gateway to outdoor adventures, and a way to get fit. Your Dirwin electric road bike does it all! 

Dirwin: When Only the Best Road Ebike Is Good Enough 

You’re on a mission to go green, get fit, and save money? You’ll need a road ebike designed with riders like you in mind. Explore our fat tire ebikes , commuter ebikes, and compact folding electric bikes to find your ride. Whatever electric road bike fits your riding style best, each Dirwin bike gives you the advantage of cutting-edge features at affordable rates.

Flexible Pedal Assist Levels

Dirwin’s road e bikes only ever give you the pedal assist level you’re after. Let the bike work for you with a high assist level when you’re tackling rough terrain or feeling tired — and enjoy a little nudge when you want more of a challenge. Our off-road ebikes and road ebikes are equipped with five support levels. 

Powerful Motors

You’re in charge of the motor power you choose for your new road ebike. Long-haul commuters and riders crossing rugged paths and steep hills will appreciate Dirwin’s heavy-duty 750-watt electric bikes , while riders looking for max efficiency can choose lighter motors. 

Versatile Riding Styles

The electric road bikes from our Pioneer and Seeker lines ship as class 2 ebikes , while our Pacer electric roadbikes have impressive speeds of up to 28 mph and ship as class 3 ebikes . Dirwin’s road e bikes support every riding style, though, and all models can be adapted to class 1.

Long-Range Road Ebikes

How long do you want to be able to go on a single charge? Our long-range electric bikes stand apart because of their powerful batteries, ensuring your electric road bike goes the distance. Enjoy quick and convenient charging and ride wherever you want! 

Lightweight Designs

If you plan to commute daily, your electric road bicycle needs to be agile and lightweight — so you can cut through traffic like a pro! Dirwin’s commuter road ebikes give you the flexibility you need.

Ready to Shop for Your New Electric Road Bike?

With so many electric roadbike models to pick from, you can be sure Dirwin has the perfect road ebike for you. Start browsing, compare specs, and choose the best electric road bicycle from our lineup now!