Hybrid Electric Bikes

Enjoy your electric hybrid bike’s flexible peddle assist levels when you’re tired, crossing rough terrain, or in the mood for cruising with our electric hybrid bikes. In the mood for a challenge? Use your hybrid e bike as a conventional bike and do all the hard work yourself!

7 products

7 products

Explore Dirwin’s Hybrid Electric Bike Collection

Your bike. Your riding style. Dirwin’s hybrid pedal assist electric bikes put you in charge. 

Rely on your hybrid electric bike’s motor power and enjoy flexible pedal assist levels when you want to pick up speed, make it to the top of steep hills, or you’re simply exhausted. Enjoy a challenging workout and work to get fit when you don’t need the extra help. 

Dirwin’s electric hybrid bicycles give you the flexibility to decide, and they’re great for:

  • Commuters looking for a hybrid e bike to enjoy a fast, easy ride to work. 
  • Explorers who enjoy cruising along on the open road. 
  • Riders looking for a flexible electric comfort bike to run quick errands. 
  • Fitness enthusiasts who still need an electric hybrid bike to get places in a hurry. 

Not all electric hybrid bikes for sale are designed with riders who also enjoy conventional bike rides in mind, but Dirwin’s commuter ebikes are lightweight, adaptable, and ready for your next adventure. 

What Makes Hybrid Electric Bikes Perfect for Any Riding Style?

Every rider is unique — and you deserve an electric hybrid bike designed for your riding style. Dirwin’s Pioneer and Seeker models ship as class 2 ebikes out of the box. Our Pacer models ship as class 3 ebikes and can get you to an impressive 28 mph. You’re in charge, though. All our electric hybrid bikes for sale can be adapted to a class 1 ebike , so you can ride your electric hybrid bicycle anywhere, and anyhow you want.

Powerful Motors

Dirwin’s electric hybrid bikes are equipped with powerful motors that give you the oomph you need to reach high speeds, ride uphill, cruise along even when the wind’s working against you, and enjoy the outdoors in comfort. 

Flexible Pedal Assist Levels

Wherever you go, your electric hybrid bike’s flexible pedal assist levels give you the help you need — no more and no less. Craving a workout? Our hybrid electric bikes double as conventional bicycles. Need to get somewhere fast? Our road ebikes have your back with powerful pedal assist options.

Ergonomic Designs

Whether you’re working up a sweat or cruising along, you’ll always feel right at home with our electric comfort bikes — no matter how many miles you ride. With ergonomic seating, comfortable handlebars, and frame designs that support a healthy riding posture, you’ll have trouble putting your electric hybrid bike away! 

A Long Battery Life

Whether you’re biking to the bakery to pick up something tasty or you’re planning a cross-country adventure, your ride should end when you reach your destination and not when your hybrid e bike runs out of power. Dirwin’s electric hybrid bikes give you the range you crave. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Dirwin Hybrid Electric Bike?

With so many options to choose from, it’ll take you some time to decide which hybrid e bike is right for your lifestyle. Explore our electric folding bikes , commuter ebikes, and off-road electric hybrid bikes for sale. Shop for the best electric hybrid bicycle and start riding. Your way.