Electric Gravel Bikes

Wandering off the beaten path? You’ll need the best electric gravel bike to slide through rugged terrain while getting the pedal assist you need to have an enjoyable and exciting riding experience. Dirwin’s fat tire e gravel bikes are designed to last — because your adventure is just getting started!

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s Electric Gravel Bikes

Dirwin’s fat tire ebikes slide through the most challenging terrain types like pros. Our e gravel bikes give adventurous riders the grip and traction they need to cut through loose and slippery terrain, but don’t worry — they’re also lightweight and agile enough for a wide variety of riding styles. 

Your Dirwin electric gravel bike has you covered when:

  • You’re in the mood for a scenic ride, and you don’t want unpredictable terrain to get in your way. 
  • You need to be able to ride on smooth bike paths, country roads, gravel paths, in the mountains, and on the beach. 
  • Your urban exploration takes you through cobble paths and slippery streets. 
  • You’ve got acreage you want to cover by bike or you’re looking at electric hunting bikes to cover more ground — noiselessly. 

Dirwin: Because You Deserve the Best Electric Gravel Bike There Is

When a light commuter ebike doesn’t cut it, Dirwin’s Pioneer e gravel bikes take your riding experience to the next level. Engineered to cut through any terrain type and ruthlessly road-tested to ensure top performance, our electric gravel bikes are built for adventure. 

Powerful Motors

Dirwin’s heavy-duty ebikes are equipped with powerful 750 W motors that are ready for steep hills, cargo, and heavier riders. You won’t have any trouble gaining speed or covering great distances on your gravel e bike. 

A Long Battery Life

Never be limited by a battery that’s about to run out of juice ever again. Dirwin’s gravel e bikes are set up for long-range adventures. Our gravel e bike models come with 720 to 1123 WH batteries that support long treks — and many daily commuters find they only have to charge their Dirwin gravel e bikes a couple of times a week. 

Superior Shock Absorption

The hydraulic suspension forks our electric mountain bikes feature give you a smooth ride, no matter how rough the terrain. Humps and bumps won’t be a problem for you with our incredibly comfortable electric gravel bikes. 

Hydraulic Brakes

Whenever you brave unpredictable, loose, or slippery terrain, you need to be able to depend on a cutting-edge hydraulic braking system. Our off-road electric bikes give you the stopping power you need, wherever you are. 

Flexible Pedal Assist

Biking has never been faster! Our Pioneer electric gravel bikes give you the level of pedal assist you need (or simply want. They let you put in all the hard work when you’re up for a challenge and give you a push in the back when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, or you want to save your energy for another adventure. 

Seven Speed Gears

Shimano’s 7-gear speed systems are one of the features that make Dirwin’s Pioneer bikes the best electric gravel bikes around. The advanced gear system will help you get up hills and give you more control as you prepare for a thrilling ride down. Our gravel e bikes give you the benefit of intuitive shifting, and they’re made for all weather conditions. 

Ready to Shop for Your New Electric Gravel Bike?

Dirwin is on a mission to change the way you bike. When only the best electric gravel bike is good enough for you, explore our Pioneer gravel e bikes!