Electric Mountain Bikes

Explore the great outdoors, tackle challenging hills, and enjoy the thrill of the downhill ride with Dirwin’s electric mountain bikes. Mountain biking has never been so accessible — or so much fun! Our heavy-duty electric MTBs make a wonderful addition to any off-road adventure. You control the level of pedal assist you need.

3 products

3 products

Explore Dirwin’s Electric Mountain Bikes

The essential ingredients for your next adventure? Just you, your Dirwin mountain ebike, and the wide, wide world. Everything else is optional. 

Pedal assist mountain bikes make mountain biking more enjoyable than ever. If you want to take the scenic route but you’re always up for a challenge, Dirwin’s mountain ebikes give you the freedom to push yourself to the limit — or to give yourself the gift of pedal assist when you need a little help. 

Our heavy-duty electric bikes :

  • Allow you to switch between pedal assist and conventional modes depending on your mood. Do all the hard work yourself, or let your mountain ebike help you. 
  • Make riding up steep hills and mountains a lot easier, so you can enjoy the thrill of the descent without feeling fatigued. 
  • Are a fantastic way to dip your toes into mountain biking — even if you don’t have any previous experience.
  • Are perfect for off-roading and long-distance rides. Campers, we’ve got you covered. 

Dirwin’s electric MTBs are heavy duty enough to get along swimmingly with the most seasoned mountain bikers, but they also make great ebikes for recreational riders and commuters who have to cover longer distances on their way to work. 

What Makes Dirwin’s Electric Mountain Bikes Perfect for Your Next Adventure?

Dirwin’s Pioneer mountain ebikes can’t just handle rough terrain — they were built (and extensively tested) for it. When you need an ebike engineered to perform, our off-road electric bikes take you where you want to go. No matter where that is. That’s not just a promise, but also a challenge. 

Powerful Motors for Steep Hills

Pioneer electric mountain bikes have reliable, powerful 750 W motors that allow outdoor enthusiasts to cover vast distances without getting tired. Want to get your cardio in? Want to prove you can make it to the top of the hill? You can always use Dirwin’s gravel ebikes as conventional bikes. When you’re ready for some pedal assist, your Dirwin electric MTB will give you a powerful nudge in the right direction. 

A Long Battery Life for Thrilling Adventures

With Dirwin’s mountain ebikes, your ride is over when you’re ready to rest — not when your electric MTB runs out of battery power. Our electric mountain bikes feature a battery capacity of 720 to 1123 watt hours, giving outdoor adventurers the range they crave. 

Flexible Riding Styles

Our pedal assist mountain bikes are good for more than mountain biking alone. They shine in pretty much any off-roading situation. Whether you’re looking for electric hunting bikes to cover more ground more quietly, your daily trek to work is long and bumpy, or you’re planning a cross-country bike trip, Dirwin’s mountain ebikes get the job done.

Ready to Shop for Your New Fat Mountain Ebike?

Our heavy-duty fat tire ebikes give you the power you need to make your next adventure a huge success. (Warning: May come with an intense desire for more vacation days!) Take your time to explore our collection of Pioneer pedal assist mountain bikes and choose the perfect fit for you.