Why Electric Fat Bikes are Great for Commuting

These days we are looking for alternate ways of transport for many reasons such as social distancing, convenience, environmental impact. This week we are going to talk about another method for commuting --- riding a fat bike.

Simply fat bikes are bikes with big tires. Standard bike tires are usually about 1.95 - 2.5 inches in width, whereas fat bike tires can range anywhere from about 3.8 to 5 inches in width. Fat bikes were predominantly made for riding in the snow. This is where these bikes excel. The oversized tires usually provide much more traction and grip than a standard bike tire. You wouldn't be able to ride a regular bike through the snow as you could do with a fat bike.

Apart from being able to ride on different terrains, Electric fat bikes have many advantages. Below are six reasons why you should own an electric fat bike.


Reason #1

They are fun! Remember when you were a kid and wanted to drive a monster truck? Then you got your first bicycle, and you rode it everywhere, pretending that you were a monster truck driver. Well, fat bikes are like being that kid again. With our Dirwin Seeker Electric Bike, you're free to rip around in snow, sand, mud, water---all with that same big grin on your face. Except for this time, you don't have to beg your parents for a new monster truck every Christmas. 


Reason #2

They are versatile! If you're feeling adventurous, you could use your Dirwin Pioneer Step-Thru to take up backpacking as well. There are tons of people using their fat bikes with plus wheels to go out and have amazing camping trips! Fat bikes are very sturdy. They can carry a lot of weight. You can use your racks and your bags as your storage. 

Fat bikes such as Dirwin Pioneer Step-Thru bring out your adventurous spirit. With fat bikes, you are not limited to just riding around on the pavement. You can go about anywhere with a fat bike, which encourages you to seek out more adventure. The possibilities and the places that you can go to and when you can go to them are pretty much endless with a fat bike, and I'm sure that if you get a fat bike. You'll find yourself exploring places that you've only ever dreamed of going to before with your like.


Reason #3

Comfortability! They are not fat. They are big-boned! If you don't believe in it, check out our Dirwin Pioneer Step-Thru here. So, when fat bikes started, they were a little heavy. But now most fat bikes nowadays are under 30 lbs, even the entry-level aluminum ones. If you're feeling fancy, you can get a carbon-fat bike that weighs 20 lbs or less!

Riding with fat tires and having the ability to ride your bike at lower tire pressures than you normally would with a standard tire bike. It's kind of like having suspension on a bike without having suspension on a bike. The wide tires by their very nature absorb a lot of the shock. You can float over things like rocks and branches and stuff and you won't feel the impact as much as you would if you were riding on a skinny tire bike. The fat tires absorb a lot of the impact. Just because the tires are so big. So, this can help especially if you have back problems.


Reason #4

Easy to ride! Some people see the huge tires, and they assume that it must be a lot of work to ride, and the answer is, for the most part, not really. There are some caveats to this that I'm going to talk about in a minute, but for the most part, fat biking such as Dirwin Seeker Step-Thru is pretty easy. You get on the bike like any regular bike and ride the only difference is that you'll feel more confident because of the balance and stability you get with the wider tires, making it easier to ride.

Now you will feel the bike's weight when you are pill riding and when you are coming off from, say like a stop, if you are at a stoplight, you're sitting out the curb, and then you have to accelerate off. You will feel the weight. It does take more work to pull off. Once you get going, you could go as fast as anyone on a skinny tire bike. It all depends on your physical strength, just like any other bike.


Reason #5

Variety! When fat bikes first came about, you were limited to only one or two companies. Nowadays, in Dirwin, you've got this huge variety to choose from, tailored to whatever use you see yourself doing the most. You've got fat bikes from nearly every major bike company and a whole host of fat bikes from smaller companies.

How to choose the right one? Well, the best bet is to try them out! All bikes, including fat bikes, are largely a personal preference that is hard to figure out without seeing and trying the product. Please support our online ordering system that helps you find the perfect fat bike for you.


Reason #6

Community! Fat bikes are some of the friendliest, most fun-loving people in the cycling community. It stands to reason: you put somebody on a Dirwin Pioneer Electric bike that puts a smile on their face, and they are going to be stocked about it! There are large communities of fat bike riders on Facebook, Reddit, and more, all willing to help out a fellow fat biker in need or a newbie just getting their feet on the ground.

Many bike shops around the country also now have winter group rides where all ability levels of riders get together and have a great time on their bikes.


Now there is only one question left: are you ready to check out our hottest Dirwin Fat E-bikes?

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