Why are Americans more interested in e-bikes nowadays?

Do you know that in a recent study 10% of Americans have said that they have ridden an e-bike at least multiple times? Do you also know that 400, 000 electric bicycles have been sold out in America last year? So what explains the growing interest in the community toward E-bikes?Is it the price? O functionality? Or environment? Or something else? Today, we are gonna walk you through the reasons why e-bikes are catching the attention of American cyclists.


Statistically speaking, bikes are more commonly used in Europe and China than America, a paradise of cars. But that is slowing changing as e-bike are having the following advantages over cars.


First of all, they’re cheap. A generic e-bike only costs $1,000. If you buy a second-handed e-bike, the price could be as low as $100-500. That’s very economically friendly especially considering the impact of the great recession and covid-19 to average household in America.


But that’s not the only reason why e-bikes are cheap. Another key factor contributing its popularity is that e-bikes use electricity than gasoline. The price of gasoline may not be a big deal in America given our full access to the oil market but still, electricity is much and much cheaper.


Of course, using electricity also means the bike doesn’t have carbon emission. Given the growing concern over climate change in terms of extreme weather, temperature, natural disaster, America is no long free from those and the American people are more aware of the change in the environment. That also explains the popularity in e-bike.


Also, you don’t need a license nor insurance to ride an e-bike. While the license part may not be a big concern in America, the insurance one is indeed important. With the increasing income inequality and financial difficulty, not everyone can afford an insurance. So, the e-bike may be a great alternative for the car to accompany your journey.


Lastly, it’s easy and cheap to store an e-bike. Since not everyone can afford a house nowadays, especially for the students and newly graduates, who live with their friends and classmates in an apartment. It spares you the time and money of affording a garage or booking a parking lot provided that you can just carry the e-bike home if not locking them outside of the apartment (but better make sure it’s not stolen though).  


In short, those factors contribute to the rise of popularity of e-bikes in America. Are you excited? Would you like to know more? Please take a look at Dirwin’s newest released e-bikes.

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