Being Healthy in Your Advanced Age

 Learning how to ride a bike is a skill that stays with you forever. Even if the last time you rode was when you were in your teens, you'd be surprised to know that you can still ride one in your 60's.

 With that said, finding a suitable form of exercise when we're in our advanced age is difficult. There's a lot to consider—our cardiovascular functions, joint problems, stamina, etc. Fortunately, cycling is one of those exercises that still has many benefits for more mature riders. These health benefits include but are not limited to slowing the aging process, reducing the chance of falls, improving mental health, and marked improvements in wellbeing.    

 Improves Your Mental Health

 The risk of cognitive degenerative disease increases with age as does boredom and loneliness leading to depression and anxiety.

 Instead of spending most of your waking hours in front of the TV or a nook somewhere, cycling can be a great opportunity to be with nature and see the world around you. Cycling can also be a way to normalize your sleep pattern. We tend to sleep longer but wake up often and much earlier as we get older. Cycling can be a way to help us sleep better every night.

 Boost Your Immune System

 One of the hallmarks of aging is the reduction in the thymus glands’ capacity to produce T cells. These cells help fight off infections and other invasive elements that harm your body. Unfortunately, according to studies, there's a 2-3% steady decline of T cells in our bodies as we age each year. Hence, older people tend to get sick more often.

 However, there's a study involving long-distance cyclists in their 60's showing T cell counts similar to adults in their 20's. Aside from that, exercising helps flush out bacteria that may be lodged in the secretions in your lungs while the increase in your body temperature prevents further bacteria or viral growth and fights infection.

 Slow Down the Aging Process

 It's normal to see some muscle loss as we age, but when seniors stop being active altogether, the rate of deterioration speeds up; hence we age faster.

 In a study involving cyclists between 55 and 79 compared to a group of healthy non-cyclists of the same age, the cyclists were healthier. For example, the cyclists had preserved muscle mass and strength compared to those that didn't cycle and maintained stable body fat levels with better cholesterol levels. The men's cyclist group also had higher testosterone levels.   

 Cycling can also be a great way to reduce your risk of getting cancer or heart disease by as much as 45%.

 The Best Way to Get Started

 Cycling can be a very exhausting exercise, and you might feel like giving up on the idea before you even get started. However, we're here to tell you that cycling doesn't have to be so taxing.

 Ebikes, like the one Dirwin Bikes is offering, is the best way to get into this healthy hobby. Ebikes make you feel like you're riding a traditional bike without exerting that much effort to pedal your way forward. The electric motors assist you so that moving around wouldn't involve exerting as much energy. So, try out one of our ebikes now and take charge of your health again!




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